Google Pixel Rumor Does Not Paint A Pretty Picture

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The main reason why the Nexus device was such a hit when it was first release was because it was an affordable device with a flagship spec. Google then started bringing the price up and that did not sit too well with the fans.

When it was announced that Google will be killing off the Nexus series and focus on the new Pixel series, people were hoping that Google would either come out with an impressive high-end device or that they will start offering Android users a great affordable smartphone once more.

Based on what we know now, it looks like the Pixel might be running on the Snapdragon 820 processor wich is not the worst but it is not the latest either. There were also talk about the Pixel device having the slowest water and dust resistance rating.

There were also reports claiming that the new Pixel device will not be so easy to root now thanks to the new security feature.

So far, the people are not too impress with what Google might be offering. Let’s hope the device ends up being better than what these rumors are suggesting.