Google Pixel: Mark Your Calender

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There have been a lot of rumor about Google’s new smartphones for 2016. Earlier this month, it was reported that Google might be ditching the Nexus name this year and while Google has not confirmed or deny it yet, it looks like we will be getting our answer on the 4th of October this year.

Google has just released a new video that announces that hey will be making an announcement on the 4th of October. While they did not specifically say that it is going to be about the new smartphone, most people believe that it is based on the video.

It is believed that the new smartphone will be called Pixel this time. In the video, Google hinted that the devices will be made by Google but we also know that HTC will be manufacturing them. So what is going on? Well, maybe Google developed most of the smartphones and HTC is only going to manufacture them. You can check out the full video below.