Google Pixel: Fast Updates On Verizon

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Besides getting a smartphone without all the unwanted bloatware, the other benefit of getting Google smartphone straight from Google is that you will be the first to receive all the software update but Verizon users will also be getting the same benefit now.

According to Verizon, their Google Pixel device will be getting all the software update at the same time as those Pixel bought from the Google Store. Google later confirmed it as well.

Some people were reluctant to get the Google Pixel from Verizon for fear that they will not be getting the updates on time but with Google and Verizon now announcing that they will both be releasing the update at the same time, most people are on board the Verizon train.

While the Verizon version will still be coming with some bloatware, it is still a carrier unlocked version which means you can use it where ever right now.