Google Nexus 5X Failure Not Google’s Fault?

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While it might not be carrying the Google logo on its back like the new Pixel device, it is ultimately still a Google phone. However, fans are saying that Google was not the only party to be blamed for the failure of the Google Nexus 5x.

Based on the previous Nexus smartphone, it was clear that a slightly more affordable smartphone was what the fans wanted. If that is true, the Nexus 5X should have been a lot more successful than it was. So what went wrong?

Well, the device was problematic right from the start. Soon after release, some users started reporting that their Nexus 5X had a bootloop issue. LG later acknowledge the issue and worked to fix that but the damage has already been done.

Google did not help when they decided to raise the price of the device and also fix on that design but some fans think that the Nexus 5X would have still been successful if only LG did not mess up.