Flappy Bird Now Available For iPhone In Cydia Store With Jailbreak

The chances of Flappy Bird coming back to the Apple Store seem to depend on rules that were implemented following the initial disappearance of the game.

Flappy bird was an app that went from being unknown to one of the most talked about game when it arrived but then its owner didn’t like the fame and fortune and removed the app. Others have tried to capitalize on the success of the game and went ahead and created games that were similar but Apple wasn’t all that happy and so banned any games that had the word “Flappy” in it. So if the original game was brought back by the owner this meant that the game would not be allowed into the Play Store.

Dony Nguyen the creator of Flappy Birds chose to take down the game entirely as some people said that it was ruining their lives as they had become addicted to it.

However some people have said that if the original game was to come back there could be a way to get it back into the PlayStore. Jailbird Matrix said that Flappy Bird is in the Cydia Store and that version comes with a hack which means the gamer can cruise through it without obstacles that cause death. It’s not really all that surprising that the game has made its way onto Cydia with the iOS 7 jailbreak.

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