Elder Scrolls 6: More Hands Needed On Deck

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One of the reasons why Bethesda usually takes 4 to 5 years to complete a game is because they have a fairly small team but as each of their games become more and more popular, it is clear that the small team is not going to work anymore.

Bethesda has just listed 28 new jobs on their website so it is clear that they are ready to expand their team. It was previously revealed that Bethesda already has 180 employees right now.

With Bethesda confirming that they have 7 new games in the making right now, these new openings could be for any one of those game although most people believe that they could be hired for the upcoming Elder Scrolls 6 game.

With Fallout 4 now out, the next game should be an Elder Scrolls game. That has always been the way for Bethesda. There is very little details about the game right now and it will probably stay that way until Bethesda is almost ready to release the new Elder Scrolls 6 just like how they made the Fallout 4 announcement.

To be honest, I prefer that kind of announcement, you get excited over the game and the wait is not that long. There is nothing worst then getting excited about a game and then forced to wait and endure delays after delays before the game is release.