Destiny 2: Leaving The First Game Behind

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After all the hours spent building your character in the first game, most players were hoping that they will be able to carry their characters with them when they get the new Destiny 2 game but according to Bungie, that is not going to happen.

You will still be able to keep the aesthetic of your character but that is all you can take with you. According to Bungie, power, possessions and Eververse-related items can’t be carried over.

If you have beaten the Black Garden story mission and reach Level 20, you will be able to carry over the aesthetic of the character. On top of that, Bungie will award them with honors that will reflect your accomplishment in the first game. Well, that is better than nothing right?

We can also see why they would want to do it. Since this is a new game, it is better to start fresh instead of getting it mixed up with the first game. This way, newcomers will also feel more inclined to try out the game as it is less intimidating.