Dead Stranding Got Us Even More Confuse Now

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Hideo Kojima was never clear as to what the new game, Dead Stranding is all about and although we have already seen the trailers for the game, nobody still seems to have any idea about what the game is going to be about.

Kojima was at the Tokyo Game Show 2016 where he reveal some extra details about the game and also gave out a few additional information about the game that definitely does not help us understand the game more.

According to Kojima the game was inspired by the whales and dolphin getting stranded on the beach and added that Death Stranding will be about something getting stranded here. The game will be an open-world game with a lot of freedom. It will also come with a co-op feature which is really interesting. He also added that they plan to support 4K and HDR.

What is your take on Kojima’s new game?