Dead Island 2: Valid Reason Behind Delay

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We really do not know when Dead Island 2 will be ready. The game was originally set to be released last year but no announcement was made and now, the fans believe that we might have to wait even longer for the game thanks to one of the decisions that Sumo Digital made.

The game has been passed through a few hands now and that was how it ended up in the hands of Sumo Digital. Even though the developer has not made any announcement yet, it is believed that the developer might have decided to throw out all the previous work that the other developers did and start fresh with the game.

That would definitely explain why the developer is taking so long to complete the game. It is believed that Suma Digital came out with a new story for the game and even made some changes to the mechanics of the game.

We are hoping that we will still see it in 2017 but if this is true, we might have to wait even longer for the game.