Dead Island 2: How Long Will They Keep Us Hanging

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We know for sure that Dead Island 2 is not dead and that the developers are still working on it but when we are seeing the game?

Fans started losing hope in the game when it was announced that the game will be passed to a different developer and the lack of details did not help either. Deep Silver later reassured their fans that the game will come. So the question now should be when?

Well, it was initially predicted that the game will be announced at Gamescom earlier this week as it was reported that Deep Silver will be there and that they will be taking up a few booth. We all know that that did not happen. So what now?

There is nothing much we can do now until they decided to release some new information about the game. How many if you are actually still waiting for the game?

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  1. Scott Norris

    August 28, 2016 at 5:27 am

    Myself and my boyfriend are still waiting! Still on pre-order! We haven’t given up yet…but some new info would be cool for sure.