Dead Island 2: Everything We Have

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The first Dead Island game was released back in 2011. The game was a huge hit and Deep Silver later announce that they were going to release a new sequel for the game. After passing the hands of a few developers, the game finally feels into the hands of Sumo Digital.

At that time, it was believe that the new Dead Island 2 game will be set in California and is set a few months after Dead Island. Features like the Crafting system and Rage system was supposed to make a comeback as well.

It was revealed last year that on top of the game, Deep Silver is also working on a Dead Island Mobile Game. Everything seems to be in order but new rumors are saying that the game might take longer than we think as the developer decided to start fresh with the game.

That means new story and new mechanics. We don’t know if the rumor is true or not so all we can do is wait for now.