Dead Island 2: Confirmation No Longer Sufficient

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The Dead Island 2 game was announced a few years ago and fans got a little scare last year when rumors started suggesting that the game might have been canceled. There was so little detail about the game that it did sound like the game might not make it but Deep Silver later came out to confirm that the game is still being developed.

While it is nice to know that the developer has not forgotten all about the game yet and that we are still going to see a sequel, the lack of details and the silence is killing the fans.

At this point, the only thing we know is that the game will be delayed but nobody knows until when. There were speculation that Sumo Digital might have decided to start the game from scratch when they took over the game. That means new mechanics and new story line for the game.

That would explain why they are taking so long with the game but if it is true, it is possible that we will not be seeing the Dead Island 2 this year as well.