Dead Island 2: A Little More Please

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Honestly, all we know about Dead Island 2 is that it is still being develop but that is all. There have been little to no news about Dead Island 2 ever since the game change developers. Fans got the shock of their life when the game was later removed from Steam as they thought the game was being canceled.

However, the developers came out to reassure us all that the game is still being developed but they did not say when the game will be ready. We were hoping to hear more about the game at some of the big game events this year like E3 or Gamescom 2016 but that did not happen.

As of now, the estimated arrival date is at the end of this year but with so little information to go by, we have a feeling that they might not make it before the year end. There is not much we can do now. All we can do is continue to wait and hope that the developer will take pity on us all and drop us some extra details.