Civilization 6: Waiting To Be Fixed

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Fans have been waiting for Civilization 6 for the longest time and the game was finally released last week but that does not mean that the game was perfect. In fact, there were a few annoying glitch and bugs but it looks like Firaxis has got it covered.

In less than a month after the game was release, Firaxis almost has a new patch for Civilization 6. One of the biggest issue with the game right now is the AI and diplomacy of the game. Players have reported that the AI is pretty weak in the new game and that the diplomacy feels too hard to control.

While we do not know if the patch will fix that or not, we know that these issues will most likely be resolved over time. Firaxis is known for fixing and improving their AI over time which means the AI in Civilization 6 will eventually be upgraded.

The upgrades should also help improve the diplomacy of the AI. Right now, players are saying that the AI can be a little too aggressive at times and slow to react to some of the changes.

What other changes are you hoping to see?