Chevrolet Bolt Will Be The Ultimate Drag Queen

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No, the Chevrolet Bolt won’t be taking over any drag race anytime soon but the upcoming Chevrolet Bolt design will be dragging the Bolt down.

To make sure the Chevrolet Bolt has a big enough interior and a huge cargo space, Chevrolet decided to sacrifice the aerodynamic of the Bolt. Chevrolet did try to make up for it all by adding a spoiler and underbody paneling. The grille was also designed to have its shutter closed at a certain speed but those can only help with so much.

With the new design, the Chevrolet Bolt will have a drag coefficient of 0.32. The Tesla Model 3 has a drag coefficient of 0.21 while the Prius managed to score a 0.24.

The production for the 200miles electric range model will be starting this October. DO you think sacrificing the aerodynamics of the vehicle for a little more interior space is a risk worth taking?

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  1. Charlie

    August 12, 2016 at 9:30 am

    As a Chevy Volt driver, I can attest that the two rear seats are torture for any adult over 6 feet in height. Just getting your feet out the door when alighting can be a major challenge, and a larger person (say, over 6′ 2″) will have to sit with his head cocked to one side. Ridiculous!

    So I welcome the Bolt’s new form factor. It’s a car built for a normal family making short-to-medium trips every week, with possibly a longer, over 100-mile trip once or twice a month. Without the range extender engine, people making trips over 200 miles are going to have to plan their charging stops.

    Tesla’s gesture of installing dedicated charge points for its vehicles may become impractical or at least unworkable once they sell a few hundred thousand Model 3’s. And I think there are plenty of enterprising businessmen out there who see the profits available in offering a free charge coupled with retail and restaurant and coffee shop services for drivers and passengers to use while charging on the road.

    That little Bolt can’t come soon enough! But I guess I’ll have to wait until my Volt’s lease finishes in April next year.