Chevrolet Bolt EV: 238 Miles Of Range Not Its Best Number

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EPA has announced the EPA rating for the Chevrolet Bolt and as expected, the Bolt EV broke the 200miles mark. According to EPA, the Chevrolet Bolt is able to deliver about 238miles on average.

However, urban drivers might be able to get more out of the Bolt. According to the report, the Chevrolet Bolt is able to offer an electric range of up to 255miles in the city. With a range like that, the Bolt is getting close to what the Tesla Model S is offering right now and that alone is impressive enough.

On the highway, the Chevrolet Bolt will be offering about 217miles of range which is pretty impressive as well.

The Bolt will be powered by a 6-kWh battery pack and according to Chevrolet, their customers will need about 9.3 hours, Level 2 charging unit and 240-volt circuit to juiced it up from empty to full.