Buick Regal Wagon Secures Ticket To The US

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There were already talks about Buick possibly bringing the Opel Insignia Wagon into the US and now, new leaks are hinting that the rumors might be true after all.

The consumers were even more convinced that the Opel Insignia Wagon will be coming over after the vehicle was spotted getting tested here in the US. Of course, the Opel Insignia Wagon will not be wearing the same badge. Here, it will be called the Buick Regal Wagon model and to make sure there is something to separate the two, the Buick Regal wagon will be given an upgraded grille.

They also made some subtle changes here and there but overall, the Buick Regal Wagon should not look too different from the Opel Insignia Wagon. The spy shots also reveal that the Buick model will come with a black plastic body cladding.

There is not much to know about the Regal right now but most people believe that the vehicle will be arriving sometime this year.

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