Battlefield 1 Beta: Did They Turn Things Around?

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Now that Battlefield fans got to experience the beta version of Battlefield 1, what do they think about it?

While most poeple do think that the developers did a great job with the game, some of them wish that the developers would put a limit on a number of snipers in the game. They said that it can be frustrating when you can walk in any open maps since there will be tons of snipers waiting to shot you down.

Fans also think that they should nerf the tanks as they tanks are too overpowered right now but there are other who think that the reason tanks users can get a killstreak that easily is because nobody really tries to destroy them. If you really want to destroy them, all you need to do is drop an AT mines.

However, overall, people seems to be pretty pleased with the game right now. What do you think of the upcoming new Battlefield 1?