AT&T Dropping Fire Prone Samsung Galaxy Note 7

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Samsung has been working to get their Samsung Galaxy Note 7 replace after a few units catch fire and exploded and we are expecting things to go back to normal soon but it looks like those reports of fires were enough to scare AT&T off.

Bloomberg reported that AT&T might stop selling the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. They added that the AT&T is considering dropping the Note 7 after news of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 replacement catching fire on the Southwest Airlines flight surface last week.

They added that AT&T has not decided on the matter yet but is considering it. Samsung is still investigating the incident. Things could go really bad for them if the device is indeed a new replacement unit. To recall the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 once more could spell the end for the Note 7.

If AT&T does decide to stop selling the Note 7, we might also see some other carriers doing the same.