Apple Offers Hope For iPhone 7 AirPods [Update]

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Despite all the jokes being made about the Apple iPhone 7 AirPods, people are still rushing to get themselves one when Apple launch the new Bluetooth headphones. The AirPods was sold out within moments of it going online. Those in the store did not last long either.

However, it looks like Apple is trying their best to make sure more of their customers are able to get their hands on the new AirPods before Christmas. There are also reported saying that Apple is restocking their Apple Stores mid-day so you might want drop in and check whenever you can just to see if there is any new stock available. Who know, there might be restocking them when you get there.

Best Buy has already announced that they will be delivering the AirPods on the 21st of December. The new AirPods, which was originally announced to be arriving in October will retail for $169.