Apple MacBook Pro Failed To Keep Up With The Hype

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After going so long without an update, you can bet that the fans were excited when Apple finally offered them the new Apple MacBook Pro. With all the new tech and feature, the new Apple MacBook Pro was supposed to be the laptop to own but that is far from the case as users started reported battery and performance issue.

It is said that the reason why the Apple MacBook Pro is having this kind of an issue is because they decided to rush things and go for the Intel Skylake processor instead of the Kaby Lake.

If Apple did decide on using the Kaby Lake, we would have to wait a little longer for the laptop to be ready but at least the laptop would be running on the latest. Because it runs on the older platform, Apple had no choice but to keep the RAM low as well so that it won’t drain the battery of the device.

In the end, what we got was a new Apple MacBook Pro that does not feel new at all. New reports are now saying that Apple might stop using Intel’s processor in the future and come out with their own.