Apple iPhone 8 Curved Future Confirm?

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There is not a whole lot of details about the next Apple iPhone 8. We know that it is going to be a huge jump from the current model but how big of a jump are we talking about?

Based on some of the patent filings from Apple, it is clear that Apple is also messing around with the idea of having a curved screen device. Many believe that the next iPhone will come with a wraparound display.

Now, sharp has just confirmed that the next Apple iPhone will be going from LTPS to OLED. Of course, being flexible is not the only benefit of having an OLED screen. It is brighter, display better colors and is more energy efficient.

However, knowing Apple, they will probably make use of the flexibility of the OLED display and come out with a device with a curved screen. Do you think a curved display is in Apple’s future?