Apple iPhone 7 Out Snap Rival?

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Most people would agree that the camera on the Apple iPhones might not be the most powerful camera but they get the job done but it looks like Apple is not going to settle for that now as they made it a point to improve the camera on their new Apple iPhone 7.

According to Apple, the new Camera will come with a f/1.8 aperture which means the Apple iPhone 7 can now take better pictures in low light condition. Unlike last year, both the smaller and the larger model will come with this feature.

Apple also added that the new A10 Fusion chip will allow the iPhone 7 to take better images because it comes with a built-in image signal processor. Based on the images we have seen so far, we have to admit that the images taken with the new Apple iPhone 7 look as good as some of the ones taken from the Samsung Galaxy S7.