Apple iPhone 7: Did Take Long To Crack

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Apple has been trying to stop people from jailbreaking their Apple iPhone for some time now and although they had a few success in the past, it looks like the new iOS 10 will not be able to keep the jailbreakers out.

Jailbreakers have been trying to find a hole in Apple’s security system ever since the iOS 10 was released and a new image shared on Twitter by Luca Tedesco suggest that some people might have already succeeded.

The image showed the Apple iPhone 7 running on both the iOS 10 and Cydia store. However, he did not release the crack for the public still can’t jailbreak their iOS 10 just yet.

We know that Pangu is also working on jailbreaking the iOS 10 right now. Now that one person has succeeded, we think that it won’t be long before a jailbreak for the public is release.