Apple iPhone 7: Black or Blue?

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When images of what looked like a Black new iPhone 7 started popping up online, most people thought that it was just a darker blue iPhone 7 but it looks like we might actually be getting a Black Apple iPhone 7 after all.

We have not seen a black Apple iPhone for some time now so most people just assume that it is just a blue model but the new leaked images seem to suggest that the Apple iPhone 7 will be coming with a black mute switch.

Some fans have speculated that the mute switch was colored black so that it matches the color of the new Apple iPhone 7 cover. Another leak suggests that the Apple iPhone 7 will come with a Pure Black version.

With so many rumors out there, it is hard to determine which is fake and which is real so it is best if you can take it with a pinch of salt until Apple announces it in September this year.