Apple iPhone 7 Black No Point Getting It

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We knew that Apple was planning to offer the new Apple iPhone 7 with the black casing but now that we have seen and heard what it is all about, we can’t see why Apple even bother to offer it in the first place.

If you are looking to get the new Apple iPhone 7 Matte Black, you might want to think again because you be able to show it off most of the time. Apple announces at the event that the iPhone 7 Matte Balck version is more prone to scratches compared to the other color option which means you will probably need to get a casing to cover it up.

Some might argue that you can always get a clear casing but you will still be covering it up. Why offer such a good looking case when nobody will be able to see it? Of course, you can get go for the glossy black version instead of the matte.