Apple iPhone 6s: Ugly Truth Makes Samsung Look Good

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Samsung hit an all-time low last year when they Samsung Galaxy Note 7 had to be taken out of the market. Most people used that as the reason why Apple was the better choice but it looks like things are not that bright and sunny on the side of Apple as well.

According to Blancco, a device diagnostic firm, Apple smartphones has a 62% failure rate compared to a 47% failure rate of the entire Android smartphones. They added that the rate of iPhone failing has been on the rise with the Apple iPhone 6 being named the worst of the lot. While Apple has not experienced a full-blown crisis like Samsung, it looks like it is not as reliable as some of us believe as well.

Of course, we also need to take into consideration that failure here also mean app crashing or minor issues with the device that cause it to stop performance like it used to.