Apple iPhone 6 Users Not Feeling Apple’s Love

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Apple finally admitted that there was something wrong with the Apple iPhone 6s battery and has agreed to offer some of their users a free battery replacement. Although the same issue was reported by some Apple iPhone 6 users, they will not be getting the same love from Apple.

The iPhone 6 users are reporting that they are experiencing the same issues as the iPhone 6s users and are not too happy that Apple has decided to ignore them. Well, since the battery is not a security risk as Apple have pointed out so many times, there is really no need for Apple to offer a replacement.

However, them deciding to only offer it to the newer iPhone 6s has upset a lot of fans. Some fans are still hoping that Apple would change their mind soon but it does not feel like that is going to happen.

Maybe Apple feels that the iPhone 6 is getting too old and there is no point in changing the battery if the users are going to upgrade it to the newer iPhone soon.