Apple iPad Pro: Bigger But Not Better

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Apple has not announced anything yet but it has been speculated that Apple might slot in a new model in between the 9.7inch iPad Pro by releasing a new 10.5inch iPad Pro.

According to Forbes, even though the new iPad Pro will be sporting a larger display screen the pixel density of the device will remain the same as the display will have a resolution of 2224 x 1668 which is about 264ppi.

If are not sure how Apple plans to convince their customers that the 9.7inch model and the 10.5inch model is not the same. As for when we will be seeing these devices, it is believed that Apple is going to hold an event in March where they will be talking about their upcoming Apple iPad Pros.

Fans have been waiting for Apple to bring in an upgraded iPad for some time now but only Apple knows when it will be happening.