Android 4.4.3 KitKat Roadmap For The Samsung Galaxy S3, S4 and Note 3

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The latest Android 4.4 KitKat was launched back in November last year but even today; many devices from Samsung are still pending to get the update.

Well, the wait is now over as the Android 4.4.3 firmware has finally been rolled out for the Samsung Galaxy S3 smartphones. However, the OS is being distributed only in the US via carriers such as Virgin Mobile, Sprint, and Boost. Other carriers in the nation are still holding onto the update. Both Canada and Australia are also updating their Samsung Galaxy S3.

As for the Samsung Galaxy S4, the update has arrived sooner than ever. The smartphone from 2013 can already get the KitKat since June 6. In the US, AT&T was first to roll out the update. Elsewhere, the update is also being distributed by Vodafone and Optus. Other carriers like Tesltra, C Spire and MetroPCS have yet to launch the KitKat to their Galaxy S4 users.

Then there is the Note 3 which is already running on the KitKat OS in the US, Canada, Chile, Saudi Arabia, Taiwan, Morocco, Singapore and Hong Kong. For Australia, the KitKat will be making its way in late July.

Finally is the Samsung Galaxy Note 2. This old phablet will only enjoy the KitKat in selected countries. At the moment, only Sprint is giving away the OS to this old device. Both Vodafone from Australia and SFR from France are next to update the Note 2 with the KitKat. Australia’s Optus will start updating much later in the month of July. As for Spain’s Vodafone and Canada’s Rogers, they have only confirmed the KitKat for the Note 2 but have yet to make a move.