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Spice Android One Android 5.1 Update Now In India

Spice is a new smartphone manufacturer that is fast growing in popularity after it became the first Android-powered smartphone to feature the brand new Android 5.1. Of course, that is for the Android One smartphone over in Indonesia.

Now, the Android One devices over at India too can start applying the latest Android OS. The tech manufacturer which conspiracies believe is a Google subsidiary organization has now launched the Android 5.1 for the Android One Dream Uno Mi-498 and Dream Uno Mi-498h variants in India.

The confirmation was made by Google themselves yesterday and Spice is the first ever non-Nexus device to get treated to the update. To make it sound sweeter, major developers like HTC, Sony and Samsung are still struggling with the Android 5.0 Lollipop update for their respective devices.


Yotaphone 2: US Invasion This Spring

If you think the Apple iPhones are exclusive, wait till you meet the Yotaphone 2. The unique dual-screen smartphone from Russia will soon be available in the US thanks to Indiegogo.

Developed by Yota, Yotaphone 2 is expected to come with a retail pricing of $600. It will be available on AT&T and T-Mobile at a cheaper price but with a contract of course. If sales are impressive, then Yota is considering bringing the device to major third party retailers like BestBuy.

The Yotaphone 2 is going to run on the latest Android 5.0 Lollipop out of the box, together with the API for third-party apps meant for developers to create apps for the secondary e-link display.

The arrival of Yotaphone 2 will surely start on a new era in the US smartphone industry and many will be enticed by the black & white touch screen that features at the back of the device.


Fallout 4: Not Coming To Xbox 360 & PS3

If you are a Fallout fan, it is about high time for you to upgrade your gaming console to either the PS4 or Xbox One. This is a necessary procedure if you wish to play Fallout 4.

An industry insider revealed that when Fallout 4 gets released, it will be launched only on the Xbox One, PS4 and the PC. Apparently, Bethesda is no longer interested in the older gen consoles as the game developer desire for Fallout 4 to set the new standard on the latest gaming hardwares.

Of course, there is no way to confirm on whether the insider is legit or not. This is expected to get clarified when Fallout 4 gets unveiled at E3 this year. Then again, the expectation is also based on rumours and it is best to take it with a pinch of salt.


GTA 5: Easter Eggs Clue To GTA 6?

I know it is still far too early to even speak of GTA 6 but after a player discovered an Easter egg that was dated way back in 2004, there is a chance for a similar hidden tease to reflect on the future GTA 6.

In detail, Redditor Naterbugg managed to zoom in on a $69 bill in GTA 5 and saw the date printed there as October 2012, 6pm. This particular date is understood to be the initial release date for GTA San Andreas and 6pm marks the dinner time for Rockstar’s production team.

If so, then there has to be some Easter eggs trying to hint on GTA 6. If it does come in numbers and is already discovered by some players, there is still no possible way to confirm it without any word on GTA 6 so this will have to wait.

Nevertheless, the search for Easter Egg continues in GTA 5 and it is one of the most common past time for players that are not, or no longer on GTA Online.


mass effect

Mass Effect 4: More Details Coming At PAX East

If you are a hardcore fan of Mass Effect, then you should start booking a flight to Boston for PAX East as Bioware has confirmed that they will be present at the annual event. The game developer also shared on their blog that they will bring along Mass Effect developers with them.

Taking place at the Boston Convention Centre, Bioware revealed that fans of the Mass Effect franchise will get to learn more on the upcoming title, Mass Effect 4. Fans can also interact independently with the developers to question on the highly anticipated title.

Furthermore, Bioware will be at PAX East for the entire weekend and it is an opportunity for Mass Effect fans not to miss. Other functions include playthroughs, panel hosting and many more. Of course, the biggest prize would be more information on Mass Effect 4.

PAX East is going to take place from March 6-8 later this week and if you can’t make it to Boston, then you should stay glued to this page as we will update on any information involving Mass Effect 4 accordingly.

mass effect

Mass Effect 4: A First Look Into New Universe At E3?

Mass Effect 4 is the next big game to come from Bioware and it is unfortunate that when the game was announced at the last gaming event, Bioware showed nothing other than a concept art for the highly anticipated title.

This year, things are finally going to be different. A Mass Effect fan questioned Senior Development Director, Chriss Wynn, on how E3 is going to be like and the latter cheekily responded with a hopeful “wait and see”.

It sounds as if something big is going to get unveiled at E3 but what could it be? The fans would definitely love it if Bioware unveils a gameplay scene together with Mass Effect 4’s first trailer.

On the other hand, a Tweet from Senior Producer Jonathan Warner strongly hints that Bioware will be giving the fans a first glimpse into the newly developed Mass Effect universe.

At this point of time, there is no telling what Bioware is up to but fans can expect something really huge involving Mass Effect 4. Let’s just hope the hype is responded accordingly or else it will be a major let down for the entire Mass Effect community.

mass effect

Mass Effect 4: Surpassing Dragon Age Inquisition With One Simple Technique

Dragon Age Inquisition is the latest RPG title in the gaming industry right now and it is undoubtedly the best too. For Bioware, Mass Effect 4 is going to be much bigger and more awesome than Dragon Age Inquisition and earlier today, they explained why.

The game developer shared that this is because Mass Effect 4 won’t be coming to the older-gen consoles, the Xbox 360 and PS3. Having both consoles enjoying Mass Effect 4 will only limit the creativity of the developers due to their technical constraints.

With Mass Effect 4 being tailored for the Xbox One and PS4, Bioware don’t have to worry about limiting any contents and develop a full blast gaming title. After all, Bioware wants to expand further and move forward but they can’t do so if the Xbox 360 and PS3 are still in existent.

Now that things are clear, fans of the Mass Effect series that have yet to upgrade to either the Xbox One and PS4 should do so now. Otherwise, they will miss out on the opportunity to play Mass Effect 4 on release day.

Thinner Smartphones: More Cons & Pros

Consumers must be aware of the fact that smartphones are growing thinner and thinner by the year. Well, a sector of consumers is getting tired of this evolution as the 0.1mm loss in thickness on an annual basis could have gone to a good cause.

In detail, cutting down on the thickness of the smartphone is unnecessary at all as the difference is not that great. So instead of making slim smartphones, manufacturers should consider sticking to the same size but increasing battery capacity.

Besides, a huge majority of consumers will take a fairly long while before they can complain that the Note 2 is so much thicker than the Note 4. The important bit here is for the manufacturers to produce something that offers grip as that is what the consumers want.

Smartphones plays a little role in making a fashion statement as most of them are eventually dressed with covers after purchase.

samsung galaxy s6

Samsung Galaxy S6: Finally, Own Identity Is Crafted

For many years already, Samsung has been the leading brand in producing smartphones. However, they have been struggling to find an identity in the market as many viewed them as a clone of Apple’s iPhones.

This year, it is going to be different. The MWC saw the unveiling of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S6 and it came out with a brand new design and also homemade processors and hardwares.

In detail, the S6 is to come with glass for its exterior and the device is powered by the Exynos processor. There is no disputing the fact that the Samsung Galaxy S6 does look good while also being powerful at the same time.

With such a built, the S6 is also distinguishable from other Android-powered devices that are still sharing the same Snapdragon processors.

In short, the Samsung Galaxy S6 marks a start of a new era for the South Korean tech-giant and it will no doubt change the way consumers perceive the device. Of course, things are still too early for praises and until we get our hands on the S6, we will remain sceptical on our end.

android 5.0 lollipop

Verizon One M8 Android 5.0 Launch Now!

After months of anticipation, it has finally happened. Verizon launched the Android 5.0 Lollipop update to its One M8 variants and users can now capture the new firmware OTA.

Like how it is for other flagship devices from last year, the update will introduce the latest Lollipop OS together with its exclusive features and functions.

For the One M8 users, this is a massive relief as they were growing worried that the update will not come at all. Apparently, it is now understood that Verizon was ensuring that the Android 5.0 is free of issues and tuned to run fluidly on their ultra-fast network, thus the late release.

Regardless, One M8 users can start applying the Android 5.0 Lollipop update now. If the device has not prompted the users yet, they can head down to Software Update in the Settings page.