2020 Volkswagen Golf: More Than Enough Time

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The next Volkswagen Golf will be crucial for Volkswagen. After the whole Volkswagen diesel scandal, they really need to the next-gen Volkswagen Golf to get it right.

We know that the upcoming new Volkswagen Golf will come with a brand new design. It is believed that Volkswagen has narrowed it down to two final design choices, one traditional and another modern option.

It is believed that the Volkswagen Golf will also be shedding off a few extra pounds and that the model will be riding on a longer wheelbase which means more interior space.

According to Autoblid, the new next-gen Volkswagen Golf will only be making its debut in 2019 which means they still have ample of time to decide on the design of the Golf as well as the engine option and tech. There were rumors about the Golf coming with a new auto driving tech when it arrives.