2019 Ford Explorer Follows New Mustang Plans

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We know that the Ford Mustang will not be coming with the V6 engine anymore but it looks like the Mustang is not the only one dropping the engine as it has been reported that the 2019 Ford Explorer will also be leaving their V6 days behind them.

With Ford now making it clear that the V6 was not as popular now, they seem to be focusing more on their new EcoBoost engine. It is believed that the Ford Explorer will most likely be coming with a few Ecoboost engine when it arrives

Spies have also been spotting the 2019 Ford Explorer out in the open. From what we can make out, it looks like the Ford Explorer will be getting a new grille, fog lights, hood, headlights and more. Some upgrades were made to the rear bumper and rear lights as well.

The 2019 should be making its debut next year.