2018 Range Rover Sport Coupe Will Show X6 Who’s The Boss

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We know that Land Rover is working on a new Range Rover Sport Coupe model and we have already seen the vehicle testing its strength on the tracks but of course, it was always covered up.

The vehicle has now been spotted in Sweden braving the cold and like all the other prototype, this too was heavily covered in camo stickers. All that was reveal was the headlights and taillight.

While we can’t be certain right now, it is believed that the coupe model will come with a slightly upgraded front. As for the engine, the vehicle is expected to come with a few six and eight cylinder engine options. There were also rumors about an electric engine in the future or maybe a hybrid.

The 2018 Range Rover Sport Coupe will be coming in to compete with models like the BMW X6. Do you think the X6 should start worrying now?