2018 Nissan Z: Looking At Q60 for Answer

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We do not know what Nissan has planned for the Nissan Z but new reports are claiming that Nissan is working on one right now and that they are hoping to release the Nissan Z in 2018.

As much as we would like to see a new Nissan Z model in the market, we will be very disappointed if Nissan decides to continue their trend of upsizing the Nissan Z. The Nissan Z came in as a light and nimble model and it is obvious that it is not that anymore.

The fans are hoping that Nissan would bring the NissaN Z back to its roots and offer them a new Z model that is light and nimble. As for the design, many believe that Nissan will be giving ti a new design based on the Q60 Coupe model and that it might also be getting the same V6 turbo engine that will be able to offer about 400hp.

Fans are also hoping that Nissan will not choose to abandon the manual transmission and continue to offer it.