2018 Nissan Z Looking At Infiniti For Ideas

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Some people might not be too happy with the past few Nissan Z models but that does not mean that people are no longer interested in seeing a new model. Nissan have never indicated that they are working on a new Nissan Z but if they do, the consumers are hoping that they would bring it back to its roots.

When the Nissan Z was first released, it was a light and nimble unlike the Nissan Z we have now. The Nissan Z has grown so much that a lot of people felt like it is not the same model anymore.

If Nissan does work on a new Nissan Z, we are hoping that the new Z would be based on the popular Infiniti Q60. If that happens, we might also see the same Q60 engine under the hood. The new Infiniti Q60 comes with a V6 Turbo engine that will be offering about 400hp.

We are also hoping that the manual transmission would remain as well.