2018 Nissan Z: Fans Wants Nissan To Turn Back Time

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The Nissan Z we have now is not what the Nissan Z used to be and it looks like the fans are wishing that Nissan would bring the old Nissan Z back this time around. The Nissan Z has gone from bringing a light and nimble model to bring the Nissan Z that we have now and the fans are not too happy about that.

We still do not know for sure if Nissan is going to bring the Nissan Z back but many believe that Nissan is working on one right now. If Nissan does come out with a new Nissan Z, they are hoping that it would be light like the used to be.

It is believed that the new Nissan Z model will be design based on the Infiniti Q60 Coupe model which is actually not that bad of a choice, The last Nissan Z was design based on the G Coupe model.

If it is really based on the Q60, it might also be fitted wth a 400hp turbo V6 engine. Hopefully, they will also bring over the manual transmission.