2018 Nissan Z: Back To Where We Were

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There is no denying that the Nissan Z we have now is no longer the Nissan Z that we had in the past. While changes are great most of the time, it looks like the fans were not too happy with the changes that Nissan made to the Nissan Z.

While some fans have ben begging Nissan to bring the Nissan Z back, they only want to see that happen if Nissan turned it into the model it once was. That means making it small again.

The Nissan Z used to be a nimble and fun model but with each upgrade, the Nissan Z became bulkier and less fun. Some people have pointed out that the Infiniti Q60 would be a great model for the Nissan Z to be based on we couldn;t agree more.

Not only does it look great but it also has the performance to match what we are looking for in the Nissan Z.