2018 Honda CR-V: Civic Help Not Neccessary

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Honda CR-V will be getting a new design for 2018 and based on the new spy shots, it is clear that the Honda CR-V new design will be based on the new Honda Civic. Many people believe that the new Civic design should help boost its popularity but it looks like the CR-V could have done it without the help of the Civic design.

While most people seems to think that the current Honda CR-V is one of the most boring CR-V they have ever since the vehicle is surprisingly doing pretty well in the market right now.

Even with that bland looking design, the Honda CR-V still manage to outsell some of the other popular models like the Toyota RAV4 and the Nissan Rogue. Models that are clearly more interesting than the CR-V.

Most people seems to believe that Honda’s reputation for being reliable might have helped here.