2018 Honda Civic Type R Has Eyes On Golf R

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The Golf R was the one that everybody had to look out for they talk about performance vehicle but with the new Honda Civic Type R arriving soon, does the Volkswagen Golf R even stand a chance.

The fact is that the Volkswagen Golf R did manage to beat the Honda Civic Type R. It did not beat it once but twice. With the new Honda Civic Type R arriving, Honda will surely be giving Nurburgring another try but whether they will be able to claim the title back for themselves is a whole other story.

In an interview, Honda announces that their main goal right now is to beat their own time and if that means beating the Golf R, that is a bonus for them but they are not working to beat the Golf R right now.

It will be interesting to see which of these two models would end up being the winner this year. We do know that Volkswagen gave it their all the last time by tearing out the rear seats, armrest, floor mats and more just so they can beat the Civic Type R.