2018 Honda Accord: Not Ready To Grow Up

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To make sure their customers will get ample space on the inside, Honda decided to make the new Honda Civic wider this time around. As nice as that sound, that also means that the Honda Civic will now be a lot closer to the Honda Accord.

Since that would eventually affect the sales of the Honda Accord, some people have speculated that Honda will also be making some necessary changes to the Honda Accord as well.

Based on the spy shots we have seen, the new Honda Accord could be coming with a wider body as well. It is said that its new design will be based on the new Honda Civic as well.

As much as we like the new Honda Civic design, some fans were not too sure if the Civic design would actually work on the Honda Accord or not. If the Accord does get a Civic design, it could also be getting the same Civic engine options as well.