2018 Honda Accord Force To Grow Up

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The new Honda Civic will be sporting a new design but that is not the only exterior upgrade we will be seeing on the Civic. The make sure there is more interior space now, the Honda Civic will also be coming with a much larger body this time.

With the Honda Civic now coming with a much larger body, it will be getting closer to what the Honda Accord is offering right now. Some believe that this will ultimately affect the sales of the Honda Accord.

That is why many believe that Honda might also give the Honda Accord a size upgrade for 2018. Spy shots of the 2018 model seem to indicate that the Honda Accord will be getting a bigger body.

There were also talks about the Accord possibly getting the same engine as the Honda Civic only the one under the hood of the Accord will be tuned to deliver a little more than the Civic.