2018 Honda Accord Can’t Keep Its Size

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To make sure the Honda Civic is more comfortable than the previous model, Honda decided to increase the size of the Civic so that it will have more interior space now but the problem with that now is that it has gotten a little too close to the Honda Accord.

The Accord and Civic both coming with a similar body size would affect the sales of the Accord but luckily, Honda had it all figured out. Based on the spy shots we have been seeing so far, it looks like the Honda Accord will also be getting a size upgrade.

The test model looks a lot wider than the current model. It is also believed that the Honda Accord might be getting a new design that is based on the new Honda Civic. The Accord could also be running on the same engine but expect Honda to make some a few changes tp its output first.

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  1. Toyota

    September 26, 2016 at 12:30 pm

    Hope not. Accord was RUINED (front fascia) for 2016, and the new Civic is absolutely HIDEOUS. Must’ve been designed by Canadians…