2018 Ford Fiesta RS: The One That Got Away

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Ever since Ford brought out the Ford Fiesta ST, fans have been wondering if the Ford Fiesta RS is going to happen. When Ford announce that they were going to expand their RS lineup, the first model that everybody thought was going to get the badge was the Ford Fiesta.

Ford, however, announce that the Ford Fiesta will not be getting the badge and that the Fiesta ST is going to be the fastest Fiesta we will ever get. If only Ford had decided to give it the greenlight, we might be able to see this on the road right now.

The Ford Fiesta RS you see here was design and rendered by artist X-Tomi. Using the Ford Focus RS design, the artist managed to come out with a Fiesta RS that most of us would not mind having.
The Fiesta RS was fitted with a side skirt, roof-mounted spoiler, upgraded bumper and more.