2018 Ford Fiesta RS: It Still Hurts

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When Ford announce that they were hoping to increase their RS lineup, everybody assumes that the Ford Fiesta would be one of the models that Ford will choose to stick on the RS badge since the ST model did so well.

However, Ford later came out to confirm that the Ford Fiesta ST was going to be the fastest Ford Fiesta we will ever get and that they had no intention of offering a Ford Fiesta RS.

Well, if Ford did not give up on the Fiesta RS, we could be getting one that looks like the vehicle in the image above. The concept was design by artist X-Tomi who thinks that this is how the Ford Fiesta RS would look like. He gave the Fiesta a side skirt, upgraded bumper design, roof-mounted spoiler and more.

We do not think that Ford will be changing their mind soon but looking at this rendering has got us thinking that Ford is making a huge mistake.