2018 Ford Fiesta RS: Feeling The Pain All Over Again

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Based on the response the Ford Fiesta ST got when Ford took the covers off, it is clear that the performance Fiesta is working for Ford. That is why the fans still can’t understand why Ford choose not to offer the Fiesta with an RS badge.

The vehicle seen here is the Ford Fiesta RS concept that was rendered by artist X-Tomi who think that this should be how the Fiesta RS will look like if Ford did come out with one. Using the Ford Focus RS design as a guide, the gave the Fiesta a bumper upgrade, side skirt, and a roof-mounted spoiler.

The design made us wished that Ford would change their mind. However, based on what Ford has said, it was clear that the Fiesta was never part of the plan.

We do know that Ford will have more RS badge model to offer in the future so at least that is some good news.