2018 Ford Expedition Upgrade Will Be Hard To Shallow

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We liked what Ford did to the Ford F-150 and we are excited to see how the upgrade will change the Ford Expedition but some people are now worried that the upgrade would mean that the Expedition will also be coming with a bigger price tag.

Like the Ford F-150, the Ford Expedition will also be getting an upgrade that will include getting a few more aluminum parts. The upgrade will not only improve the performance of the vehicle but it will also help improve the fuel efficiency of the Expedition.

However, the upgrade is not going to be cheap and some consumers are worried that the Expedition will come with a bigger price tag when Ford is done with it. Others think that the price will remain the same since the Ford Expedition is already being sold a high price.

It is still too early to speculate on the price right now but would you still be interested if the Expedition gets a price hike?

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  1. Richard

    March 19, 2017 at 7:51 pm

    That’s the free market. Ford has put a ton of R&D into this platform, as well as the cost of new tooling, an expansion of their supply chain, marketing, and etc. It will almost certainly have a higher price; it’s up to the consumer to decide if it’s justified or not.