2018 Ford Expedition: Toughness Not The Main Problem Now

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After the Ford F-150, nobody would question the toughness of the vehicle anymore. A lot of people were concerned when Ford first announce that they will be building the Ford F-150 using aluminum. GM making fun of them did not help either but Ford showed them all that they knew they were doing.

The Ford F-150 soon became one of the most successful truck in the market and Ford is now ready to move on to the Ford Expedition. The aluminum upgrade should help the Ford Expedition shed some extra pound and in return, the vehicle should be more fuel efficient and powerful.

However, some people are now worried that the upgrade would mean that the vehicle will now come with a higher price tag since the plant upgrade will not come cheap. Others think that with Ford Expedition’s high retail price, Ford should be able to cover the expenses without the need to increase the price tag of the vehicle.

We will only know for sure when Ford brings the Expedition in.