2018 Ford Expedition: Owes F-150 Big Time

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The consumers wouldn’t have taken the news that easily if they have not seen what the Ford F-150 was capable of.

When Ford first reveal that the new Ford F-150 was going to be build using aluminum, the consumers definitely did not take it well. GM made things worst when they created the ad saying that the Ford F-150 is soft and no durable.

Well, Ford eventually managed to convince them that the new Ford F-150 is better than ever and now, it looks like people are actually looking forward to seeing the upgrade being made to the Ford Expedition.

The one thing that the people seems to be worried about is the price of the Ford Expedition. It is believed that with the new upgrades, Ford will be forced to increase the price as well since the upgrade will not be cheap but we will have to wait and see if that happens.