2018 Ford Expedition: One More Issue To Worry About

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Ford showed us that going aluminum is not the wrong move when they decided to give the Ford F-150 the aluminum update. A lot of people made fun of Ford for making that decision but it all turn out well for the automaker.

Now that things have settled down with the Ford F-150, they next move will be to upgrade the 2018 Ford Expedition as well. While the consumers do not seems to have any issue with the use of aluminum, they are concern that the upgrade would heavily affect the price of the Ford Expedition.

Ford will need to upgrade the plant so that it can start building the aluminium Ford Expedition and we all know that upgrades like that are not going to be cheap. Some customers are worried that the Ford Expedition will cost a lot more this time around.

While it is possible that that might happen, others think that the high selling price of the Expedition will help even things out and that the price will remain where it is.